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What are arrest records and arrest warrants?

Arrest records from New Hampshire refer to the information on criminal offenses and the perpetrators of such acts stored within the central criminal history database kept by the Crime Records Unit of the NH State Police. This repository is used in conjunction with the Automated Fingerprint Identification System set up by the agency for the collection, storage and processing of criminal fingerprints. Together, these repositories function as an exclusive and extensive collection of information on crimes and criminals accused in New Hampshire.

What information can be found in the CHRI database?

The details contained in the repository held by the Crime Records Unit is collected from various participating law enforcement and judicial establishments across the state, which are mandated by law to furnish information on the criminal cases investigated and handled by them to the CHRI. So, when arrests are made, the fingerprints taken as part of the booking process, are sent to the Crime Records Unit.

If an arrest warrant is sought in a case and the order is issued by the court, the details on the directive are also sent to the CHRI. Similarly, the database comprises of information on the eventual criminal trial and disposition, sentencing and incarceration received from various departments within the justice network of the state.

Access to NH arrest records

CHRI is not just responsible for assimilating crime related information but also its dissemination for criminal justice and non justice purposes. This is done in keeping with the Freedom of Information Act along with the Privacy Laws of the state. In simple words, although the database holds information on every facet of every criminal trial held within the state, not all of this data is available to everybody.

In fact, when details are being sought by non justice establishments, such as firms in the health care and education sectors, etc, the applicant will need to furnish a signed release form from the subject to initiate the warrant search. Even after this, sealed records and non-conviction data will not be made available.

Arrest warrants from New Hampshire and the sway they hold in the justice circles!

Active warrants from NH are issued through the collaboration of the judiciary, the office of the attorney general as well as the police. Although arrests without warrants are allowed in certain cases, for the better part, the police are expected to and choose to get active warrants from the local tribunal. Everything about these orders is meant to facilitate their execution; from the criminal identifier information stated on the document to the additional liberties that are conferred upon the arresting officers.

For instance, the criminal code of the state clearly mentions that all arrest warrants should be issued in the name of a specific person unless this is not known in which case a DNA profile or any known aliases can be used. Apart from this, the original police affidavit attached to the order gives cops the lowdown on the crime that the individual is being accused of and the sitting judge can impose certain conditions of arrests as well as release where applicable.

How do I search for New Hampshire arrest records and warrants?

Although the New Hampshire court dockets are not available online, you could approach the administrative office of the tribunal that issued an outstanding warrant or where a certain criminal matter was tried. The clerk of the New Hampshire Supreme Court will be able to guide you on the precise location of a district or superior court. Upon contact with these tribunals, you stand to find out about the civil litigations that were handled by the tribunal along with the criminal cases tried there.

Typically, the court dockets repository maintained by judicial administration will have details on probate records, property ownership details, the issue of active warrants from NH, arrest records, case dispositions of criminal and non criminal matters and more. You will be asked to pay a fee to access this information and the charges can vary from one courthouse to the other.

Information on the contact details of all tribunals in the state of New Hampshire is offered at You will have to contact the clerk of court to access the details you need. Alternatively, you could also get in touch with the clerk of the New Hampshire Supreme Court at One Charles Doe Drive, Concord, NH 03301. To access records from the superior court, get in touch with the court coordinator at 17 Chenell Dr., Suite 1, Concord, NH 03301.

New Hampshire crime statistics

Throughout the decade that ended in 2008, approximately 280,000 criminal matters were brought to light in the various parts of New Hampshire. Of these criminal incidents, only about 19,000 were of a violent nature. This included about 160 homicides, about 10,000 assaults and nearly 4200 rapes.

Yet, the frequency of property crimes such as theft and burglarywas considerably higher, with the latter logging in an annual average of 4500 cases and the former attributing nearly 10,000 incidents to the yearly crime total of about 28,000 cases. Through this period, the most conspicuous movement was seen in rate of violent crimes which went up by almost 45%.

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