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Many people who are old hands at arrest warrant searches in Coos County, NH will tell you that they prefer private agencies over state departments. Applicants, who are first timers looking for information on active warrants and arrest records, are often stumped by the choices available to them. So, here is simplifying the process for you.

  • You can find information on outstanding warrants and arrest records from Coos County from the police, the magistrate or the clerk of court. These are three agencies within the state government that handle different aspects of criminal processing including the issue of arrest warrants.
  • Details on warrants and arrests an also be sought through private agencies. In fact, this would be the right choice for anybody who thinks that a Coos County outstanding warrant may have been sanctioned against him/her
  • You can launch a personal arrest warrant search or investigate the existence of active warrants in the name of others
  • A charge will have to be incurred if you go to the police, the magistrate or the private entity. However, if you approach the office of the county clerk, at least the details can be found for free but you will have to pay for printed reports.

Finally, you need to understand that arrest warrants are a powerful judicial tool. These directives are issued through the joint efforts of the police and the judiciary. The directives are not restricted by time or geography. So, they can be served at any time, in any place and even years after they are issued.

The places to go to for an arrest warrant search in Coos County

  • The police: 55 School Street, Suite 202, Lancaster, New Hampshire 03584
  • The judiciary: 55 School St, Lancaster, NH 03584
  • The clerk of court: 55 School Street Suite 103, Lancaster, New Hampshire 03584


What Coos County agency should you approach for an over-the-phone warrant search and arrests inquiry? (Update: 2021)   

  • Questions on recent arrests: 603-246-3315.
  • Arrest records-related inquiries: 603-788-5598.
  • Questions pertaining to victim/witness assistance: (603) 788-3812.
  • Case search and arrest warrants inquiry: 855-212-1234.


Coos County, New Hampshire has the lowest crime rates in the state at about 350 incidents. Of the complaints filed annually, about 6% are against violent matters. The rise in the rate of violent and overall crime has been the same at 60%.

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