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An active warrant is as powerful ten years after its issue as it was on the day the order was handed out to the police. So, the question to ask is, can you really risk arrests at this point in your life? It is not at all uncommon for people to be completely unaware of the issue of a detention order. In fact, half the time, arrest warrant searches in Strafford County, NH are conducted to ward of the possibility of being detained unexpectedly.

Now, there are two crucial considerations here which can spell the difference between a successful inquiry and one that results in dire consequences. If you have a hunch that somebody else has been using your name for illicit involvements, it is a clear cut case of identity theft. You could learn more about this by trying to find any active warrants from Strafford County that may be issued in your name or the arrest records from the area against you.

However, this approach will only work if you are absolutely sure that you never had a hand in commissioning a criminal act. Suppose, if you are concerned about a few unpaid tickets or if you were less than a model citizen and you neglected to pay certain fines, you may have an arrest warrant from Strafford County in your name and not even know about this.

In such a scenario, going to the police station would be akin to surrendering. If you are only looking for information but are certain that there are no criminal involvements that will get you in legal trouble, go the official way and get in touch with the agencies below. For people who are not sure, it would be best to conduct the inquiry on arrests and outstanding warrants by filling the form given above.

  • The sheriff’s department: 259 County Farm Road, Dover, New Hampshire 03820
  • The magistrate’s court: 259 County Farm Rd, Dover, NH 03820
  • The county clerk’s office: PO Box 799, Dover, New Hampshire 03820

Is there any way to get information about Strafford County active warrants and arrests over the phone? (2021-Update)   

  • To learn about recent arrests-603-742-3310.
  • To file a request for a police report or arrest records-603-742-4960.
  • To get in touch with Victim/Witness Service-603-749-4215.
  • To get judicial records-855-212-1234.

Crime statistics of Strafford County

Strafford County Police investigated 4 cases of property crimes and 3 occurrences of violent crimes in 2019. The annual crime average was 7 incidents, which pointed to a decrease of 41% as compared to the crime rates of 2018.

The 3 violent criminal instances included 1 incident of rape and 2 cases of serious assault. Among the 4 property crime reports filed, there were 3 larceny-theft reports and 1 motor vehicle theft complaint.

Older crime statistics

From 1999 to 2008, there has been an increase of almost 60% in the rate of violent crime and about 40% in the figures of overall crime for Strafford County, New Hampshire. Annually, about 1900 criminal complaints are filed in the area.

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