About Me

New HampshireTwenty five years ago, I took my first case for which I had to find a specific person. Since then, the methods and strategies used to do locates have changed radically. Today, procuring this type of information is a two part job. The first of which is scouring public and non-public databases for possible locations. The second is to ensure that the person in question can indeed be found at the said location.

Accuracy and reliability of information is paramount because my services are also used by law enforcement officers to trace suspects on the run, including some of the people on their most wanted list. But, not all cases come from law enforcement agencies or from bail bond agencies.

For instance, let me tell you about the non-government agencies that I work with; these are not linked to the criminal justice system in any way. Cushing Forensic Genealogy in Kissimmee is one such establishment along with International Forensic Research in Canada. Then, there is the Locator Ltd in Arizona plus a lot of individual clients.

I also get a steady flow of cases from legal offices and realtors. These matters usually involve locates of property owners, heirs, ex-spouses of clients who are no longer making child support payments. Auto repossession agents are another class of my clients. They ask me to find information on vehicle owners who purchased the car on loan and then failed to pay their debt.

The cases that come from individuals are usually about locating friends and family. Just like those for genealogy research offices, these cases too involve locating deceased and/or distant relatives, investigating illnesses of a genetic nature and constructing the family tree.

Most of the pro bono work that I do is for the Unclaimed Person’s Network. When working with this agency that offers its support nationwide, I am not working with living clients, rather with the deceased. Yes, you read that right, for this agency my job involves finding the next of kin of decedents.

Like I said earlier, every case is unique but there is one common thread- the information has to be accurate, reliable and current. So, I combine online and offline investigative work to ensure that my clients get high quality information.

If you want to learn about how I can be of help to you, download this report:How to find any public records